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Lakic Co is a company that specializes in custom reflector inserts for the Harley Davidson Softail and Touring models.

Our reflector inserts are made from high-quality aluminum and are laser engraved with any wording in a font of your choice. 

These inserts are a great way to add a personalised  touch to your Harley Davidson and make it truly unique.
Our inserts are perfectly fitted giving your motorcycle a sleek and stylish look.

Whether you prefer to add a custom slogan, logo or your own name, we have the perfect customisable solution for you.

Design yours today and take the first step towards making your Harley Davidson one of a kind!

Manufacturing Process

Laser Cutting

Our state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment allows us to precisely cut aluminum plates to any shape or size. The high-energy laser beam vaporizes the material as it cuts, resulting in a clean, precise edge with minimal heat-affected zone.
This allows us to produce the highest quality finish.

Gloss And Matte Options

When ordering your custom reflector inserts, you have the choice between a glossy or matte finish. The glossy finish will give your inserts a shiny, polished look, while the matte finish will provide a more subtle, subdued appearance. Both options are equally durable and long-lasting, so it simply comes down to personal preference. Please let us know which finish
you prefer when placing your order via our shop page.

Finish Quality

 As you can see in the photo, our aluminium plates have been laser engraved with the utmost precision. The intricate details and clean lines of the engraving are a testament to the skill and expertise of our team. Whether you need a simple logo or a complex design, our laser engraving technology allows us to produce top-quality results every time. Trust us to provide you with the highest level of accuracy and craftsmanship.


Your custom reflector inserts are fitted with the highest quality double sided tape and securely wrapped in bubble wrap for safe transport. We take great care to ensure that your plates arrive in perfect condition, ready to be installed on your Harley Davidson. Rest assured that your order is in good hands as they make their way to you, may that be nationally or internationally thanks to our attention to detail and commitment to quality.


As you can see in the photo, our reflector
inserts look great when fitted to a Harley Davidson. The sleek, custom design complements the classic style of the motorcycle, adding a touch of personalization. Our inserts are easy to install and made with the highest quality materials, so you can trust that they will last for many rides to come. Upgrade your Harley with our reflector inserts and make a statement on the road!

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